Letter: Gene Ernst

From: Gene Ernst


I am pushing the button for Trump/Pence. This election, as one political commentator said, “is not between two Sunday school teachers” but is for the chance to appoint federal and Supreme Court judges who will shape the direction of this country’s future.

The Democratic Party has moved so far left that my grandfather, a lifelong Democrat, if he were still alive, would not even recognize his party today. For Hillary Clinton to say that her concern is for the children and then to staunchly support the willful abortion of unborn babies in the womb just defies logic.

I cannot defend Donald Trump’s comments made on the “Access Hollywood” video, or some of the remarks he has made on other subjects, but as implied before, this contest has two of the least desirable participants ever to attain to the office of the presidency of the United States.

I will vote, and I will pray that our Congress will be able to sustain our democracy by their oversight. May the lord God give us direction for the days to come.