City OKs repair to culvert

Columbus is allocating $88,000 to complete replacing a damaged culvert on International Drive.

Dave Hayward, executive director of public works/city engineer, said the city discovered in late September that a major culvert under International Drive had failed due to rust and corrosion.

The first phase of the project, which cost $62,122, involved installing a pipe liner while stabilizing the culvert to prevent a collapse.

Hayward previously said that repairs to the 160-foot long culvert were necessary to maintain proper drainage flow in the industrial park near the Walesboro-Ogilville exit off Interstate 65.

NTN Driveshaft has about 120 trucks crossing the culvert each day, Hayward said. The city declared the project as an emergency in early October, allowing officials to begin repairs without seeking competitive bids.

Completing the repair work will involve installing a new culvert, which will prevent flooding in the area. With the money being allocated, work is expected to take about a week to complete, city officials said.