Letter: Elect Trump to shake up establishment

From: Michael Zieles


It has been very telling to see the way that the old-school, big media cover events to make the news. The Associated Press, New York Times, CBS, CNN, ABC and NBC are not reporting on their own cult nepotism with Democrats, but for the WikiLeaks of John Podesta emails being public now we know without a doubt that they are direct mouthpieces of that Democratic National Committee power group.

It was laughable that Donna Brazile became the replacement for that last DNC chair who stepped down from playing favorites for Hillary, but Ms. Brazile gets the job and then we find out why. She sourced a CNN debate question to DNC nominee Hillary before that CNN DNC presidential debate. The fact that there’s this movement to and from Democrat and state positions to the mini-truther media ranks was already well known. Ah, yes, but with weak faith, self criticism and compunction is rare for the proud and powerful. So they won’t be covering this, of course.

How can we at least use this to our advantage? Well, electing Trump. This move would most certainly drive the media and Congress into being more active to call out bad policy, bureaucratic overreach and executive fiat and favoritism. They’d all insist on oversight and upholding law on him.

Still, if Donald Trump is elected we may get more tabloid trash coverage like we’ve seen from these bards, however, we know that the media will start covering the state of our national affairs like failing and pricey Obamacare, a lame growing economy, average worker pay flat, stagnant business growth, debt/deficits out of control on ballooning entitlements and a Middle East on fire from Mohammedan supremacists. (Thank Hillary/Obama team on making the al-Qaeda culture feed tray with Libya/Iraqi/Iran and weapons movements for this Arab Spring now a refugee crisis.)

Deplorably yours. Semper Fi.