Letter: Pittman works at bringing people together

From: Sheryl Elston


Initially, when Bob Pitman decided to run for District 59 state representative I wrote a letter to the editor in his support because he knew the community and could bring people together for a common purpose. During this summer and fall, he has exceeded expectations by his thoughtful, dynamic and creative approach to many difficult challenges that face Bartholomew County.

He has been clear, for example, that if elected, he will do all that he can to see that a small fraction of the $2.2 billion in state reserve funds will be allocated to the critical need of additional behavioral health care services in Bartholomew County. If one wonders why this is a critical need, at an earlier meeting this year with local candidates, Sheriff Matt Myers estimated that at least 70 percent of prisoners in the jail have an underlying mental health or addictions issue. Current state Rep. Milo Smith, R-Columbus, has remained very quiet about any future action he supports regarding this issue.

Another example of Bob’s studied approach includes his views on public education. I am sure in large part they are forged from his being a first-generation college student, putting himself through while getting a bachelor’s and master’s degree, and the fact that his wife is a special education teacher’s aide, and both daughters are teachers. Both of the above examples witness to Bob’s thoughtful and dynamic approach to our challenges.

In this very contentious political season, it is a refreshing relief to have a positive candidate to fully endorse. Please join me in voting for Bob Pitman for state representative on Nov. 8.