Voters have important reasons to cast ballot

Registered voters have important decisions to make at all levels of government this election season, and in five days their collective voice will be heard when results are tabulated.

Voters will choose a set of leaders — some new, others re-elected — to represent their interests nationally, statewide and locally.

The acrimonious presidential race has dominated headlines, as expected, and races for Indiana governor and an Indiana seat in the U.S. Senate have been in the spotlight, too. But other races just as significant in the lives of Bartholomew County residents will be decided, too.

For example, residents will be electing three at-large members of the county council, which oversees the county’s purse strings. That’s important because the county has been dealing with tight budgets and has been debating whether now is the right time to enact a new revenue stream to provide sufficient funding to meet its responsibilities and obligations.

One county commissioner race is contested, so voters will decide whether the incumbent or the challenger will serve as a member of the executive branch of county government.

Also, the three races for Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp. School board are contested. Those selected to the board will help shape the school district’s policies and approve its budget. Those are races parents and taxpayers are likely to care about, or should.

One of the best choices voters have is when and where to vote. They’re not restricted to a single precinct on Election Day as they once were. The county’s use of vote centers and expanded early voting makes it much more convenient to cast a ballot.

The county will utilize 18 vote centers on Tuesday — Election Day — and voters can cast a ballot at the one of their choosing. Additionally, four satellite locations (county courthouse, Donner Center, west-side MainSource Bank and Flintwood Wesleyan Church) are in use this week for early voting, and will be open through Saturday to accommodate voters who want to exercise their right to vote before Election Day.

There are many important reasons to cast a ballot. Don’t miss your chance.

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To learn where the county’s vote centers are located, go online at:

To learn which candidates are on your ballot, go online at:

For more information, call the county voter registration office at 812-379-1604