Around Town – November 4

Orchids to …

• the men who came from First Christian Church and other locations near the church on Lafayette Avenue early Wednesday afternoon to help a young woman who was being verbally abused and threatened by an out-of-control man.

• Steve Collins for his letter to the editor, his attempts to voice his concerns and his service to our country as a U.S. Marine.

• Mike at Auto Zone for being wonderfully helpful Wednesday morning.

• Mackenzie Walls and Ashley Janvier for a wonderful job keeping Senora Orr’s memory alive with the Day of the Dead, as it was a great success.

• Viorica Pavlov, an angel and my friend and neighbor, for all of her help and hard work helping me move, as I would never had made it without you, from Nancy R.

• Bill Rose and Denny for your hard work helping me move my heavy furniture, from Sharon.

• all those responsible for Day in a Wheelchair, from a person who is confined to a wheelchair and has experienced the same problems and hopes changes will be made in Columbus.

• Guernsey Plumbing for saving us thousands of dollars, from the Corner Cafe in Hope.

• Debbie Greene, for the delicious soups because you are so sweet and thoughtful and a great cook, from Deanna Wenzler and Karen O’Connor.

Onions to …

• an incompetent assistant manager at the store who was rude and unhelpful with the billable business account purchase.

• city officials who give themselves orchids.

• the teacher who was talking negatively about a student to another teacher in Spanish, not taking into account she was around other students who also speak and understand Spanish.

• those who always seem to be in a big hurry just to get to the next traffic light.

• all the students smoking at the restaurant on their lunch break.

• those who don’t realize I drive below the speed limit to be prepared and cautious of those who will disregard stop signs or run red lights in Columbus.

• those voting for the Democratic presidential candidate.

Happy Birthday to …

• Theresa Handley, from Bethel Baptist Church.

• Jordan Austin, from Brown’s Corner Chapel Church.

• Vicky Mahoney, from Bill.

• Danielle Eberhart, Dinah McCartney, Suzanne McClain, David Wiwi and Emily Burge, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Josh Shepert, Joseph Kidwell, Sophia Farmer, Cookie Stroup and William Marshall Stone.

• Grover Rogers on No. 5, with love from Grandma Jackie.

• Anna McKinney, from Jean, George, Kathy, Karen, Kim, Joan, Wilma and Mark.

• Jordan Scott, on No. 18, from Mom, Dad, Allison, Matthew and Judy.

• Marlin Brown from Pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.

Happy Birthday to …

• Eayon Madden on No. 8, from Mommy, Daddy, Sydney, Aunt Tahcia, Uncle Chris, Grams, Granddad, Aunt Ashley, Uncle Mark, Carley and Uncle Jimmy.