Letter: Athletes end up in all kinds of positions during competition

From: Eddie Wheeler


I am responding to the onions I saw a few days ago. At this point I am shocked and furious that some people can’t accept the human body as it is. This lovely child was working hard to make good plays in her chosen sport, and people have to find fault because her legs were spread. She was covered completely. There was nothing at all vulgar with her position at that time.

I raised a daughter and have two grandsons. If you play sports you will be caught in various awkward positions. The camera happened to catch her where it happened. I looked at the young girl’s strain in her face as she stretched to bump the volleyball, not at the suggested area the onion described. Get your mind out of the gutter. That is someone’s baby girl. I hope she gets a scholarship so she can work as hard in college and get a good education as well.

Don’t forget, people, gymnasts wear skintight uniforms, and divers wear swimsuits that cover very little. Think about your children.

P.S. Did you see the naked underarm in the paper Oct. 25? Get over it.