Letter: Easement clearing for electrical upgrade too much

From: Joe Nicholson


Duke Energy sent us a letter a couple of months ago that stated they were going to upgrade the power lines that run through High Vista subdivision directly behind our house. The letter noted they were going to clear the easement of trees and structures, then upgrade the poles and power lines. Then we had representatives come to our home and explain exactly what they plan to do. They are going to completely wipe clean the easement of all trees, buildings, fences, children’s playground sets and more. It’s going to be generally stripped clean.

This one hundred feet wide stretch goes from County Road 350N down to 25th Street. It affects several homes along the way through several neighborhoods. They are going to cut long-established trees, tear down buildings that are too old to be moved, tear up garden spaces and more. Columbus takes pride in its neighborhoods. This is a tremendous hit to several families on the east side of town. This is property that we have paid taxes on. All these affected families have a lot of pride in their property. Much of what they have built and grown will be gone.

I understand progress and the need to upgrade infrastructure. However, eight to 10 years ago they trimmed the trees and things seemed to be good. Upgrade the lines, that’s fine. But 100 feet along the lines is excessive. The destruction is inexcusable.