Letter: Rothrock will bring dedication to coroner’s office

From: Janet Wolf


We should all thank Ralph Williams, formerly from Purdue University, for his informative letter touting Clayton Nolting’s education and experience with bugs as they relate to forensics. In contrast, Paula Rothrock has her education and experience with people. She is a forensic nurse examiner, sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) and has written policies and procedures to protect people and evidence. She has practiced as a SANE nurse for over 15 years and continues to provide support to the SANE program at Columbus Regional Health.

Williams also mentioned Nolting being a certified medicolegal death investigator in the state of Indiana. For the lay person, that may sound impressive, however it is required by law for anyone who serves as coroner or deputy coroner to complete the 40-hour class. That is not a medical background. It’s unclear if Williams or The Republic was trying to convince the readers that Nolting has a medical background by completing the required state course. Don’t confuse a 40-hour class as the same education as a nurse (RN, LPN), emergency medical technician (EMT) or a certified medical assistant (CMA). Insinuating that is an affront to anyone in the medical profession.

Nolting does have experience with the Bartholomew County coroner’s office. He has worked alongside Larry Fisher for the past five years. As Fisher’s chief deputy coroner, he had the opportunity to help establish policies and procedures to protect the deceased, their families and the community. I read a flier in Thursday’s paper where Rothrock was quoted, “If you know something is wrong and don’t change it, you become part of the problem.” Rothrock has established policies and procedures and plans to carry her dedication and professionalism to the coroner’s office.

It’s time to elect a person who has dedicated years to serving the public. I am voting for Paula Rothrock because I want to see a change in the coroner’s office.