Around Town – November 10

Orchids to …

• the doctors, nurses and staff of Columbus Specialty Surgery Center for the great professional care and kindness with my knee replacement surgery, from Rich Rudder.

• Ali, the most patient, supportive and helpful Comcast sales representative, for all the help setting up our new service.

• those that donated coats, gloves, hats, blankets and food to the Hartsville Giveaway on Sunday, and to the volunteers who worked to organize the items, cook the food and help the people, from a very grateful grandmother.

• Dennis and Joanne Anness for their help and friendship over the years.

• East High School students Maggie Lewis, president, and Morgan Meier, vice president, of the National Art Honor Society for the gifts of art supplies and special projects for the children housed in Turning Point’s Emergency Shelter.

• David Lancaster for unloading my cart Friday at Walmart.

• the garage that repaired the small problem with my car and didn’t charge me.

• the nice guy in the red pickup who led me to U.S. 31 on Tuesday.

• Marvin Johnson and Associates for their generous donation to support our project, from Columbus Signature Acadment — Lincoln kindergarten students.

• Natalie and Bethany Lewis for the thank-you cards given to poll workers on Tuesday.

• all the restaurants and businesses who donated to Hoosier Pro Wrestling and the Fireman’s Cheer Fund benefit show Saturday.

• Ken Chandler for sharing his story for an awesome article in the Prime Time magazine.

Onions to …

• the restaurant manager who was being condescending and mean to an employee during lunch time.

• the homeowner who thinks putting racist signs and statues in their yard is patriotic.

• the thieves that stole my debit card information from a skimmer and decided to go on a $500 shopping spree on Halloween.

• all the politicians.

• the guy driving the big truck full of tires who was driving too fast and cutting in and out of traffic Tuesday afternoon on Central Avenue.

• the driver of the silver car that was southbound at 5:46 p.m. with no lights on.

• the household that pulls their trash totes out into the middle of the road.

• the health care facility that refuses to treat certain conditions.

• the thief who stole my Donald Trump signs on Forsythia Drive.

Happy Birthday to …

• Wendy Luedike, from your family and Donna.

• Marilyn Buchanan, from your family and Donna.

• Hunter Loweth on No. 2, from your family.

• Eugene Hudson, from Pastor Lewis and The Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Dani McFall, from Brown’s Corner Chapel Church.

• Vicky Miller, from Mom, Shane, Tiara, the Kirbys, Imogene, Shawn, Zachary, Lyndsay and Weston.

• Ashley Gearhart Saber.

• Brian Sims.

• Jake Wade.

• Ike Wickstrom, from the Reinbolds in Rosstown.

Happy Birthday to …

• Donny Hitch, from Mom and Dad, Betty, Kirt, Marilyn, John, Patsy, Penny, Charlie, Sammy, all your nieces and nephews, Sisko, Gracie and the rest of your family and friends.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Bill and Martha Duke, from Clifford OES.

• Kevin and Tara Jessee.