Around Town – November 12

Orchids to …

• Principal Brett Boezeman and assistant principal Kaity Day at Schmitt Elementary for always being so professional while also creating personal and supportive relationships with their staff members, from Tori Vailes.

• Jarrod Hoye, Erin Bewley and the rest of the Texas Roadhouse management for being so flexible with schedules while also creating a fun atmosphere at work, from Tori Vailes.

• the lady who switched places with me in line on Election Day when my infant started crying so I could vote.

• all those who understand that the majority of votes win an election and, whether your choice is victorious or not, it’s time to become the United States of America and show patriotism and honor.

• the woman who picked up the little dead bird on the sidewalk outside the west-side store to take home to bury.

• Doug Southern and his crew for our nice new roof, from a happy customer.

Onions to …

• some people in Columbus that have more money than common sense.

• people constantly comparing us to bigger cities such as Portland when we need to stop and be thankful for who we are much better than that.

• parents and grandparents who cause major backups in the car line by not staying in their cars and pulling up to the buckle zone, and to the staff that does not enforce car line rules, from a fed up parent.

• people who treat the Bible like an encyclopedia.

• people who are rioting over the election.

• those who think the other party needs counseling.

• people who do not understand illegal aliens mean just that, illegal.

• all the little snowflakes out there and the parents who made them that way.

• calling freedom of speech bullying.

Happy Birthday to …

• Bob Snively, from Sheila.

• Lindsay Huffman, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Kristen Whittington from Aunt Mary, Aunt Maxine and Aunt Elsie.

• Christa Green.

• Ashley Norman.

• Ryan Thayer.

• Mika Nading.

• Zach Justice.

• Nanette McKinney.

• Jane Bush from Clifford OES.

Belated Wishes to …

• Jeff Hilycord, from Marsha.