Around Town – November 19

Orchids to …

• Dennis and Joanne Anness for the gift, from a disabled person.

• the Schmitt parent and grandparent who pushed my van out of the pickup line, let me use their phone and tried to fix the problem Thursday, from a grateful grandma.

• Justin at the big store deli for helping with my last-minute cake order and for being so polite, from the lady with the horsey cake.

• the outstanding cook and kitchen staff at Columbus Christian School for providing delicious, fresh, often homemade food and for the loving, caring way in which it is served, from grateful parents and great-grandparents.

• Dr. Doug Wilson for his knowledge, skill, kindness and compassion.

• the friendly staff at Sadie’s Family Dining for an excellent Thanksgiving dinner and a great evening.

• The Republic for putting the photo of my husband, John Toll, who died in January, carrying the flag on Veterans Day in 2006 in the Looking Back section.

• Sheryl Nulph and Karen Russell for a fun and informative pie-baking class, from your “students.”

• Roy Hollman for always helping his neighbors in Hartsville, from Lisa Hayes.

Onions to …

• Federal employees parking and filling up the customer lot, leaving handicapped people to walk several blocks to use the office’s services.

• people who are incredibly ignorant of American history, specifically those who think the past eight years were the worst eight years this country has ever been through.

• those who do not understand a native politician is not respected by some.

• taxi companies that are always late for their pickups or never show up.

• the school bus driver who stomped on the brakes so hard to stop and yell at kids that some kids hit their heads on the seats ahead of them.

• those who think the protesters across the country should be calmed down by the one they’re protesting, instead of by the current leader of our country.

• people whining about the candidate winning the election as he won fair and square.

Happy Birthday to …

• Jane Unsworth, from your family and Donna.

• Pastor Carl Greene, from The Outreach.

• Karla Boggs, from the family.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Rhonda, on No. 11, from Jack.

• Jack and Rhonda St. Clair, from Mom.