Around Town – November 24

Nov. 24

Orchids to

• people who think of disabled people during this holiday.

• Donald Trump for deciding not to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

• the union representative at the local factory for the Christmas bonus.

• Paul Chandler for the ride to VA, from Don Weddle.

• Don for helping me move furniture from our garage sale to my sister’s house, from Roy.

• Sherry Grimes for her excellent, accurate and eloquent letter to the editor on freedom.

• all the volunteers at First Nazarene Church who prepared and served meals and cleaned up, Sheriff Matt Myers and all the deputies who delivered meals, Texas Roadhouse, Johnson-Witkemper Insurance, Ivy Tech Community College and every individual who donated money, food and time to make our Thanksgiving dinner at the America and Roby Anderson Community Center a huge success, from State Street Area Association.

• Sherry Grimes for her very true, outstanding, well-written letter to the editor.

• Denny Dorsett and Louie Mensendiek who rescued me on a rainy night when I was trapped in my wrecked car as you are my heroes, from Mrs. B.

• whoever found my debit card in the ATM and turned it back in to the Business and Industrial Credit Union.

Onions to

• the person who wrote an Onion about the People Trail that hasn’t learned yet that Columbus doesn’t take care of what it has and yet wants to build and add on more.

• the rude neighbor who parks in front of our house instead of in their own driveway.

• drivers who believe that other drivers should merge on their behalf.

• people who get on the treadmill directly next to you at the gym when a countless number of other treadmills are open and available.

• doctors who make you come back every three to six months, take blood and then tell you everything is fine.

• drivers who do not know how to negotiate a left turn from Beam Road onto National Road or from National Road onto Beam Road.

• the city of Columbus for not having an official Christmas tree-lighting ceremony.

• people who don’t realize employment statistics don’t include those that have quit looking for a job or are underemployed, and some employers are only hiring part-time employees to get around health insurance and the overtime law.

Happy Birthday to

• Lindsey Regan, from your family and Donna.

• Kristopher Whipker, from your family and Donna.

• Jennifer Pittman, from all your neighbors.

• Joan Allman, from Alice, Emily, Charlene and all of your family.

• Joann Paige, from W.W.

• Tammy Magner, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Eric Wiseman.

• Todd Boren.

• Teresa Buck from your sisters, Ava and Brenda, and the rest of your family.

• Patty Cash from Rosemary, Brenda, Velma, Debbie, Bill, your children and grandchildren, and Carol.

• Mabel Richard, on No. 92, from Debbie Richard, family and friends.

• Bob Hart, from your sister.

Belated Wishes to …

• Keegan Fox, from great-grandparents Mamaw Rennie and Pop.