Letter: Seymour business praised for salute to veterans

From: Command Sgt. Maj. John M. Haeseley (ret.) and Rennie Haeseley


The Bonanza Steak & BBQ restaurant in Seymour went way beyond in showing utmost respect for all military of the United States of America on Nov. 14. Owner Mike Everhart, general manager Rick Neal, kitchen manager Chris Pratt, hospitality manager Josh Straight, assistant manager Megan Feathers and personal waitress Sonya came in and opened their restaurant, which is usually closed on Mondays.

They showed so much respect and dignity for all military — retired and active. They made you feel important, like your military service was worth it, and like you were the only ones there at the restaurant even though it was standing-room only.

They talked to all and listened to lots of stories. Everyone cried a lot and laughed a lot while others were preparing a delicious meal at no charge. They also had a special table set up just for the soldier who didn’t make it home — the empty chair.

It was an unforgettable evening. God bless those who made it possible.