Letter: Electoral College system protects people’s voices

From: Bob Snively


Right now every liberal in America is pulling his/her hair out and whining and crying about the results of our election. Almost without exception, they are calling to do away with this outdated concept called the Electoral College. The surprising thing is that some in Indiana are joining with them to try to get rid of this horrible way of electing presidents. I say surprising because they don’t seem to understand that without the Electoral College no Hoosier’s vote would ever again count in a national election.

The Electoral College was created so that small states and states with predominantly rural populations would have a say in who becomes our president. The Founding Fathers realized that and developed the Electoral College so every American would have a say and not just 55 counties encompassing our largest population centers. Take the Electoral College away and presidents would be elected by those parts of our country that have the highest crime rates, highest debt, highest unemployment rates, highest poverty rates and the highest percentage of unfunded or underfunded pension plans. Look at a map of our recent election results and you will see that, for instance, almost all of New York state is in red but the area around New York City is blue, and that was enough to put the state in the Democratic column. Same thing with Illinois and a few other states. The smaller number of counties controlled the state because they had the largest concentrations of population.

To be perfectly honest, I had no desire to see either one of our major parties’ candidates win the White House. I think it’s sad that out of a population of some 350 million souls these two were the best we could do, but in spite of how I felt one of them had to win and one had to lose. The fact that your candidate won or lost doesn’t mean that I want anyone to take away my voice in electing a president, so pull up your big boy and big girl pants and panties and deal with it.