Around Town – January 21

Orchids to …

• former Mayor Kristen Brown for taking Columbus to new heights with her open-minded, soft-edged style of governing.

• the Taylorsville Fire Department and all other units who responded to the fire at our home in Taylorsville, from Wade and Margaret Goodin.

• the Kirk family for all you have done for us in the loss of our home, from Wade and Margaret Goodin.

• Goldie for being the sweetest Walmart associate, from the towel lady.

• to Robert Jordan for his outstanding and positive letter to the editor which states how great America already is.

• Milo Smith and all others for their efforts in helping the Columbus North High School band make their trip to Washington, D.C., from John and Judy Lind.

Onions to …

• people who don’t realize that lawmakers are going to put out a replacement health care plan when Affordable Care Act is repealed and it won’t be as expensive.

• people who still have not accepted Trump winning, even after the Electoral College officially elected him.

• school districts that give performance bonuses to new hires when they weren’t the ones who earned it.

• people who worship a pile of scrap metal.

• people who haven’t figured out we survived the past eight years and will survive the next.

Happy Birthday to …

• Mike Trimnell, from your family.

• Emily BonFange, from Nana.

• Lisa Duke, from your Daughters of Isabella sisters.

• Henry Phelps, from Kyle, Kendra, Emily and Baby.

• Henry Phelps, from Regina Phelps.

• Hank Phelps, from your church.

• Henry J. Phelps, from your family.

• Landon Harker, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Diane Stafford, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Sean Eberhart, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Ruth Hitchcock, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Betty Misner.

• Amy Jines.

• Boaz Frazier-Bey.

• McKenzie Acton.

• Wanda Hunter, from W.W.

• Amy Kutch, from Jean Patrick.

• Alex Hewitt, from Grandpa and Grandma Hewitt.

Happy belated Birthday to …

• Charlie Tyree from Grandma Hege.