Letter: Let’s not forget abortion has effect on father, too

From: Donald Goodwin


The National Right to Life — we know how abortion kills the innocent life of the baby. We know how it negatively impacts the life of the mother for the rest of her life, causing her to live with the heartache and regret of having the abortion. But you rarely, if ever, hear of how it impacts the father of that child.

Just as it affects the mother, it also affects the father in many of the same ways. It kills his confidence as a father, it kills his self-esteem and it kills a piece of his heart for the rest of his life. It leaves the father wondering what kind of man or woman that child might have been, what they might look like, or sound like and many other unknowns.

And sometimes it makes him even think about taking his own life for not trying to save his child’s life. Some of those men succeed in taking their own lives. Some, like myself, have found forgiveness in Jesus Christ because we could no longer carry that burden of guilt. I know, because I am one of those fathers.