Around Town – February 18

Orchids to …

• Learning Tree Preschool for a perfect score on the State Health and Safety inspection.

• the kind person who turned my missing bank card in to the bank.

• the three kind ladies who helped me when I fell in front of Dollar General — may the good Lord bless you for your kindness.

• Roger Gillespie for helping a disabled person.

• Elizabeth Patton for her insightful letter to the editor regarding the benefits of the expanded Medicaid program.

• Linda and Lauren at Famous Footwear at Edinburgh Premium Outlet Mall, for their diligence in assisting in using both rewards on an exchange with birthday and loyalty rewards, from the Feb. 7 birthday young lady and her mom.

• Rhonda Herman for taking me back and forth to IU Methodist Hospital to visit J.D.

• My son Gary Schafer for the flowers for Valentine’s Day, from Mom.

• Phyllis for the chocolate shakes, from Dr. Harker and staff.

• all who sent cards to Cody Clouse for his 30th birthday on Thursday.

• radical agitators who are willing to call a lie, a lie.

• Kroger pharmacists Timothy and Adam, for “doing it right,” from Stuart.

• The Sandwich Shop for an awesome meal.

• all new Cubs fans, as I hope the second year is as fun as the first.

• former Mayor Brown and President Trump for their fight against fake news and for bringing their business instincts to government.

• John Krull for his column shining light on the attack on public schools to help make the public more aware.

• Bartholomew County Sheriff Matt Myers for working to defeat House Bill 1159, the constitutional carry bill.

• local pastors for speaking up against the ban that targets countries from which no terrorists who have attacked America have originated.

• to Amy Bennett for all you did for me after our house fire.

Onions to …

• those who think taking much-needed pain medication away from responsible, physician-guided patients will make a dent in the illegal drug abuse problem.

• those who refused to let the popularly elected President Obama choose a judge for the Supreme Court and now want us to roll over for their loser of the popular vote.

• people who take Onions personally when they are written in such a generic form they really can be about anyone.

• people who didn’t understand my Onion about banning Valentine’s Day was sarcasm for all those who are easily offended.

• the school that did not play the national anthem at the start of a girls tournament, from the grandmother of a basketball player.

• the woman on the bus who pushed another lady off the bus step and made her fall, causing two black eyes and broken eyeglasses, and to the bus driver who didn’t get off the bus and check on the woman who was pushed.

• the man who jumped in his white van and blatantly and cruelly ran over a possum when he was supposed to be working.

• local employers who hire illegals, which is a federal felony.

Happy Birthday to …

• Alvin Snyder, Benjamin Wirick and Shea Buckner, from Pastor Lewis Burton and the Who So Ever Will Community Church.

• Linda Iwamuro, from your family, Sheryl, Edith and Donna.

• Reagan Medaris, on No. 15, with love from, Mom, Dad, Sophie, Christopher, Hannah and Bryson.

• Kelsie Bevis, from Grandma Jean.

• Jim McKinsey, from Mom, Joshua, Nicole, Aaron and all the animals.

• Bill Runion, from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Ben Shoaf.

• Tyler Galbraith.

• Sharon Waltz.

Belated Wishes to …

• Ruby Eagleton, from all the guys at the old Shorty’s restaurant.

Happy Anniversary to …

• Floyd and Carolyn Ritz.

Belated Wishes to …

• James and Norma (VanEst) Carson.