Owsley attorneys file request to reopen federal lawsuit

Attorneys for Logan Owsley have filed a request to reopen a federal court case alleging civil obstruction of justice against Bartholomew County officials in the death of Cary Owsley.

The federal lawsuit, filed in Indianapolis in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana, was placed on hold while probate issues involving Logan Owsley’s standing as administrator of the estate of his late father, Cary Owsley, who was found dead from a gunshot wound April 7, 2013, in his home in Zephyr Village outside of Columbus. Then-Bartholomew County Coroner Larry Fisher, one of eight defendants in the case, ruled Cary Owsley’s death a suicide.

The federal lawsuit was filed April 7, 2015, by Logan Owsley in U.S. District Court against then-Bartholomew County Sheriff Mark Gorbett, Fisher and current and former sheriff’s deputies E. DeWayne Janes Sr., Dean A. Johnson, Christie L. Nunemaker, Brent E. Worman, William R. Kinman Jr. and Christopher Roberts.

In the most recent court filing to reopen the federal lawsuit, attorneys allege that the Bartholomew County officials, in conspiracy with others, intentionally destroyed and manipulated key pieces of evidence in Cary Owsley’s shooting and engaged in other egregious misconduct to cover up the true circumstances and the cause of the death, according to the petition.

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