Marja Harmon takes her shot in ‘Hamilton’ cast

Broadway performer and Columbus native Marja Harmon found herself packing up belongings at her New York City apartment recently — and unpacking her professional longings.

Because the Columbus East High School graduate just got news a few weeks ago that she has landed principal standby or understudy roles for the three female leads in the touring version of “Hamilton.” That pretty much assures her a spot on stage in a major role probably two to three days per week, as best the actress can figure.

The show opens Tuesday as a fundraiser in hurricane-devastated Puerto Rico for struggling residents there. After a three-week run there, the production featuring acclaimed actor and writer Lin-Manuel Miranda as the title character of U.S. statesman Alexander Hamilton will move to San Francisco for a long run, according to online schedules.

“When I first saw the show before it officially opened on Broadway, I thought, ‘Oh, this is something special, and I need to be in it,’” Harmon said while running errands a week before departing for Puerto Rico. “So I’m telling friends and family that this is my dream opportunity and my dream job.”

In order to take the roles of wealthy sisters Eliza Schuyler, Angelica Schuyler and Peggy Schuyler, she recently ended her four-year role as Mrs. Brown in Broadway’s comedy “The Book of Mormon.”

“It’s awesome to me that I was able to be a part of one great, revolutionary, game-changing show (“Book of Mormon”),” she said. “And now I get to go into another great, revolutionary, game-changing musical. This is such a blessing.”

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