Around Town – February 7

Orchids to …

• our wonderful neighbors for shoveling our driveway while we were gone two weeks ago.

• Johnson Tire from a grateful customer.

• Johnson Tire for your honesty, from Kathy Sprague.

• Cub Scout Sam Roberts for the fast reaction of saving a 4-year-old from drowning.

• Dr. Randy Wilson on his new veterinary office.

• Columbus Veterinary Services for being so kind and compassionate to a new patient in their time of need, from Rob and pets.

• Doug Wilson for his new book from a Cub lover of 81 years.

• our president for standing up for all American people (unborn as well) as one nation under God.

• the president for acknowledging the election of historic numbers of women to Congress.

• Mary for the book she gave me, from Peggy.

• Debbie, the women who helped me when my car wouldn’t start.

• Cummins’ Chairman and CEO Tom Linebarger for his insightful statement on how tariffs hurt American business and increase unemployment.

• President Trump for the best bring-us-together speech ever.

• all those who support protecting unborn babies, especially in the third trimester.

• Americans who understand our nation is symbolized by a statue welcoming immigrants, and the need to protect the rights of citizens and citizens-to-be.

• Americans who believe our nation should be symbolized by a statue welcoming legal immigrants.

• President Donald J. Trump.

Onions to …

• the president for taking credit for this economy.

• the president not recognizing in his State of the Union address that Americans commit more crimes than immigrants.

• the president stating in his address that a wall is under construction, when very little has been built.

• the Department of Homeland Security for low staffing at ports of entry, which can lead to illegal drugs getting into the country.

• the Speaker of the House who places politics above all else — including unwanted babies.

• everyone in a hurry to have nothing.

• progressive political movements that would make everyone poor.

• the Trump administration for building zero miles of new border wall while controlling the White House and both houses of Congress.

• all the Democrats at the State of the Union who chose to not support a bill banning late-term abortion and infanticide.

• ministers who do not consider abortion murder.

• Democrats, progressives, and socialists.

• people who put down Christians, do drugs and claim to be righteous.

• the car wash that had problems with their equipment and refused to fix the bad service to customers’ vehicles.

• people who take up hours of time and space in an establishment to watch a game, and only tip on the price of the food and drink.

• the child support line that charges 20 cents to see what the balance is on your support card.

Happy Birthday to …

• Anisha Vulagonda, from Mrs. Erickson.

• Zoe Fleetwood, from Mommy and Daddy and the family.

• Ken Holt from Bob, Jeri, Bonnie and Kassie.

• Gabriel Schoettmer from Dad, Mom, Grandma Joan and Grandma Jean.

• Julie Greene, from Grandma Judy and Papaw Tom.

• Luretta Garrison Clark, from Kathy Likens Darnell.

• Patsy Hitch Battin from Jayson, Brandon, Rylan, Kyler, Kamryn, Mom and Dad Hitch, Betty, Kirt, Marilyn, John, Penny, Charlie, Donny, Sammy, Sisko, Don, and all the rest of your family and friends.

• Ambra Burns, from Bella, Joe, Mom, Richard, Ashley, JC, Orie, Garrett, Lyla, Ridde, Mamaw and Papaw Vannice, Grammy and Pap Hitch, aunts, uncles and all the rest of your family and friends.

• Luretta Clark, from Judy Williamson.

ANOTHER beautiful morning