Court news – February 10

court news

This is a report of cases filed recently in Bartholomew Superior Court No. 2. Names and addresses were taken directly from court records.

Small Claims


Victor Buqver, Greenwood, vs. Charles A. Denton Jr., Taylorsville.

Pam Stone, East County Road 265N, vs. Maureen Zelinski and Derek Mack, Hope.

Arbors at Water’s Edge Apartments vs. Randy Graham, North County Road 150W; and Katelynn and Zachary Hartford, North County Road 150W.

John Gassaway, Taylorsville, vs. David W. Bauer, Ozark, Illinois.

KD Rentals, Columbus, vs. Holly Stomper, Cottage Avenue.

Receivables Management Partners, LLC, vs. Gage Frazer, South Ross Street; Anthony Mitchell, Creek Bank Drive; Sandhya Narayanan, Violet Court West; Michelle Albright, North County Road 150W; Robert D. Garlen, Breckenridge Drive; Jennifer M. Hatchett, Timbercrest Drive; Lonnie D. Stroud, Williamsburg Way; Karen Owens, Jonesville; and Nathan D. Abplanalp, Pearl Street.

Herschel and Shirleen Shaw, Elizabethtown, vs. Audrey Clark, Elizabethtown.

GMG Motors Inc. vs. Brittany M. Hartwell, East Base Road.

IMC Credit Services, LLC, vs. Brittanie Stott, North Brooks Street; Steven Wakefield, North Brooks Street; Alisha Null, Maple Street; Warren Hardin, East County Road 850S; Theresa Wirth, Parkland Drive; Kevin Wooton, South County Road 450E; Nickiah Watkins, Reed Street; Dustin Patrick, North National Road; Timothy and Debra Neptune, Columbus; Debra Johnson, North County Road 500W; David Wampler, Elm Street; Koryne Ward, Hope; Kelly Weiler, Hope; Diana White, Hillcrest Drive; Kelly Wilson Lucas, Lee Court; Daniel Sorg, Sumpter Court; Lois Pugsley, Autumn Ridge Drive; Derrick Rutherford, North County Road 675W; and Ronald Rosenbalm, Scipio.

Angela Hurley, Maple Street, vs. Danielle Hurley, Columbus.

KD Rentals, Columbus, vs. Tara and John Renfro, Union Street.

Travis Mouser and Alisha Villarreal, Hope Avenue, vs. Loni Mosley, California Street; and Katherine Goff, Eighth Street.

WRI Property, LLC, vs. Reagan Ward and Hayley Perry, East State Road 46.

Rodney D. Dailey, Hope, vs. Nathan White, Whiteland.

C&F Willowood, LLC, vs. Rebekah D. Martin, Cardinal Court.

Gary and Trudy Mize, North County Road 650E, vs. Richard Diaz and Rolando Marrerro Colon, Brookside Court.

Heritage Heights Mobile Home Park, vs. Laura Rodriguez, Daniel Drive East; and Benjamin Munoz and Gabriela Rojas, Tippecanoe Lane.

NOR Management, LLC, South County Road 60E, vs. Gordon T. Gray, Cottage Avenue.

Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC, vs. Sarah L. Bain, Rosewood Lane; Noelle Webb, Trentwood Court; Monique R. Gower, South Hillview Way; and Keiana L. Ramirez, North Marr Road.

Eagle Finance Co. vs. Amanda Henderson, Pennsylvania Street.

Growbys RTO, North National Road, vs. Charles Allen Jr., Randall Street.

Ralph Jewell, Taylor Road, vs. Marnie Carr, Flintwood Drive.

Eastlake Woods vs. Jennifer Cepeda, Thicket Court.

Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC, vs. Michael Tanenbaum, Pennsylvania Street; Brenda Thompson, 12th Street; and Michelle George, Hope.

Mark Mouser, West Old Nashville Road, vs. Angel and Nigel Dyette, Eighth Street.

Susie Wallace, Edinburgh, vs. Mary Breedlove, Edinburgh.

Columbus Power Elite All Stars, Greenway Drive vs. Heidi Traylor, North County Road 250E; James and Talisa K. Myers, East County Road 550S; and Kristin Cregg, Oriole Drive.

Owen Forbes, no address available, vs. Aaron Watson, Watson Chambers Defense Institute, East County Road 50N.

CHA Columbus, LP, vs. Jill Watson, Melissa McCrary and Steven Oliver, Pavia Court.

Kellen M. Otto, East Forster Avenue, vs. Stephen P. and Heather A. Steuver, Roosevelt Street.

Equity Property Management vs. Christina Olmstead, Grand Avenue; and James M. Whitfield, South Country Brook Court.

Levi Brown, Elizabethtown, vs. Tom and Jen Stidham, Grandview Drive.

Village Apartments of Taylorsville vs. Jayson Parlow, Taylorsville.

Bar-Cons Federal Credit Union vs. Gracie Greenlee, Madison.

Allied Collection Service vs. Travis Tindell, West Carr Hill Road.

Gateway Apartments, by managing agent TWG Management, vs. Deborah Taylor, Phoenix Court.

Orinoco Properties, Columbus, vs. Aaron Watson, Watson Chambers Defense Institute, 17th Street.

Bartholomew County Shrine Club bs. Tommy Burris and Brandi Combest Burris.

Bruce Sigman, no address available, vs. Kelly Fife, Hope; and John Fife, Parkway Drive.

Columbus Village Townhomes vs. Christian Alstott and Hannah Hartman, Village Drive.

Yes Companies Exp. Fred, LLC, vs. Rosa Dilla Serrano Diaz, Rosewood Lane; Tony Purtlebaugh, Silkwood Court; James and Melody Ogle, Rosewood Lane; and Melanie and Erika Hernandez, Streamside Drive.

Allied Collection Service vs. Michael Royalty, Crothersville.

Janet Miller, Jonesville Road, vs. Amie Chapmn and Shawn Miller, Jonesville Road.

Jim Cai, Greenwood, vs. David Boston, Hope.