Board opens bids for next phase of State Street project

Columbus Board of Works members have received two bids for contracts for the next phase of the State Street Revitalization Project.

Board members on Tuesday received a $1.296 million bid from Milestone Contractors and a $1.164 million bid from Dave O’Mara Contractors to perform the work. The bids were taken under advisement at the meeting at Columbus City Hall. The project’s total estimated cost is $1.745 million, according to city officials.

The work will encompass developing the north side of Third Street from Central Avenue to California Street, and then going north on California Street to Fifth Street in a continuing effort to connect the east side of Columbus to the downtown.

A 10-foot-wide multi-use trail will be added at the back of the Third Street curb, in addition to pedestrian lighting, a 2-foot-wide brick shy zone — similar to what is already on State Street — and a brick gateway node at Third Street and California Avenue.

The city has already completed Phase 1 of the State Street project, completing renovation of the State Street bridge in 2017.

Phase 2A of the project, a trail extension down State Street from McKinley Avenue to Indiana Avenue with an 8-foot-wide multi-use trail, was completed last year. From McKinley Avenue to Mapleton Street, dancing “C” panels were added representing the area’s industrial heritage.