Around Town – February 22

Feb. 22

Orchids to …

• Petersville United Methodist men’s group for hosting the delightful Valentine Dinner on Sunday evening, from all the ladies who attended.

• the Columbus Post Office and the postal carrier for getting mail delivered to customers during the bad and cold weather, from a loyal customer.

• all nine U.S. Supreme Court justices for applying the full Bill of Rights to Indiana.

• Sarah and Jason at Residence Inn for their help during the polar vortex.

• Tom Heller for his letter to the editor about local Democrats not putting up their own mayoral candidate.

• Five Guys, for hosting Dine to Donate to support Dance Marathon 2019 and the teens in our community.

• Terry Foote for the letter in Saturday’s paper and for serving the country.

• Keith Graham Plumbing for excellent service, from Esther Hedrick.

• the policeman and everyone who helped in any way when our car stalled at 17th and National Road, from the Riches.

• Trinity at the cosmologist’s office for a wonderful hair color, from Margie Peach.

Onions to …

• the City of Columbus for not taking care of the drainage problems on 13th Street in front of United Way.

• another Indiana coal mine closing under the Trump administration.

• supporters of the former mayor who still can’t accept the fact citizens voted overwhelmingly and unambiguously they wanted a change.

• the Indiana lawmakers for submitting a bill to allow teachers to train to have guns in their classrooms.

• the parents who bring their children to storytime and use it to socialize with other parents, leaving their children to run around the room distracting the other children.

• the voters in states that don’t want to protect our national sovereignty but want our federal tax dollars.

• those that don’t realize that surrounding yourself with "yes men" that are loyal to you is kind of like removing all your smoke detector batteries.

• those who believe that Democrats are against a border barrier when in truth they are for border control but not an expensive wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for.

• the state police cruiser without its lights on driving down 17th Street during Wednesday’s rain.

• Columbus officials who rejected Hunter Ward’s Safe Haven baby box.

• my wife’s employer that keeps adding more jobs onto her workload and now has her going into work at odd hours of the night and not even getting paid for it.

Happy Birthday to …

• Stacy Michelle Heagy.

• Archie Bill Herron, from all of his Hawcreek Township friends.

• Cody Burker, from your family and Donna.

• Becky Floyd, from your family.

• Mary Glasson, from Elsie.

• Archie Bill Herron.

• Jannet Lee from friends at the Moravian Church.

• Norah Frederick.

• Reese Cole.

• Mike Wallace.

• Becky Ashbrook.

• Brennin Haehl from Aunt Elsie.

• Leigh Smith.

• Tom Hull.

• Pamela Carr.

• Lindsay Thompson.

• Roger McKinney, from Penny and Sandy.