Court news – March 16

marriage license applications

Jimmy Kevin Perreault, 47, Lafayette Avenue, and Christina Irene Kitts, 35, Lafayette Avenue.

Christian Nathaniel Jaral, 22, Rocky Ford Road, and Erin Nicole Gilbert, 23, Rocky Ford Road.

Kevin Augustyn, 25, Seventh Street, and Kaitlin Christman, 25, Ridgeview Lane.

Jack O’Neal Pennington, 59, River Road, and Tammy Renee McNew, 49, River Road.

Devin Mikel-Allen Falor, 24, North Vernon, and Taylor Danielle Knotts, 22, Hope.

Samantha Morgan, 34, Nottingham Drive, and Ross Pushor, 35, Mooresville.

Kyle Logan Grimm, 19, Edinburgh, and Mackenzie Shay Waltz, 19, West Lowell Road.

Kate Foster, 32, Scottsburg, and Bryce Short, 33, Flintwood Circle.

Brandi Nicole Roberts, 35, Elizabethtown, and Nicholas Ryan Hupp, 31, 15th Street.

Sharon K. Hernandez, 60, Wallace Avenue, and Gilbert L. Duran, 55, Wallace Avenue.

Summer Starr McCleery, 27, Greenway Court, and Jared Crank, 31, Greenway Court.

Bernardo Epifanio Valenzuela, 48, Silkwood Court, and Martha Elisa Alonso, 47, Silkwood Court.

Carmine Chiarolanza, 38, Fifth Street, and Cynthia Vasquez Ruiz, 39, Fifth Street.

Brittany Cassandra Batzinger, 23, Applegate Drive, and Anthony Terrell Green Jr., 23, Applegate Drive.

Cherl Lee Burton, 35, Edinburgh, and Brian Paul Cook, 34, Edinburgh.

Nathan Thomas Haza, 31, Jackson Street, and Emily Kathryn McCombs, 25, Jackson Street.

Ricardo Hernandez, 19, Silkwood Drive, and Shayleah Dean, 19, 14th Street.

Chasity Linn Turner, 23, Daugherty Street, and Paul Everett Browder Jr., 26, West County Road 100N.

Paulina J. Reagan, 49, Princeton Park Drive, and Scott Reiners, 51, Princeton Park Drive.

Matthew Gene Greenwell, 21, Pearl Street, and Madeleine Antoinette Sgro, 20, Robert Drive.

William K. Hilliard, 48, Kennesaw Trail, and Teresa Ann Louk, 53, McCordsville.

Jerry Michael Jerome, 48, Marilyn Street, and Kimberly Denise Thomas, 48, North National Road.

Casey Louise Campbell, 18, Glendale Drive, and Cheyenne Lee Ramsey, 19, Glendale Drive.

Robert Anthony Jessie Jr., 23, McClure Road, and Heather Leann Allen, 27, McClure Road.

Jorge Rodrigo Lera Castellanos, 31, Lake Vista Drive, and Ana Paula Nieto Gomez, 29, Lake Vista Drive.

Melissa Sue Ross, 27, Indiana Avenue, and Carson Brent McCalip, 28, Hope.

Jonathan Omer Schneider, 36, Streamside Drive, and Samantha Marie Olmstead, 30, Streamside Drive.

Sammie Lee Linville, 43, Thicket Court, and Sandra Karina Herrera, 27, Thicket Court.

Jerry L. Tolen, 60, McKinley Avenue, and Cuca Mary Herrera, 59, McKinley Avenue.

Justin Dale Heck, 23, Nashville, and Faith Nicole Whitehead, 26, Chestnut Street.

Jeremy Demars, 38, East County Road 50N, and Kristen Nicole Cooley, 21, East County Road 50N.

Rachelle Lynn Kedrowitz, 20, Ninth Street, and Blaine Ethen Patrick Pheral, 19, Ninth Street.

Velta Jean Rainwater, Patterson Road, and Billy Lee Alderson, 56, Union Street.

Karen Sue Newland, 46, Joseph Cox Court, and Heather Rae Palmer, 34, East Lincoln Village Drive.

Cassandra Ann Wagaman, 33, Clifford, and Joshua Henry Hoover, 27, Hope.