Job seeker needs a little help from his friends

Dear Amy: My friends and I have developed great relationships and over the years, we’ve settled into a group of eight families. We routinely get together for weekend gatherings, holiday outings, parties, etc.

Three months ago, I lost my job and started the search for a new one. All the other seven families have at least one person in my same profession.

When this happened, I called each of my pals personally, explained the situation and asked them to look out for opportunities.

Not only are they NOT sending me any leads, but when we meet, there is not even a cursory mention about my job search.

What am I supposed to do? Should I confront them directly?

— Job-Seeking Guy

Dear Seeking: Unfortunately, people sometimes respond to this sort of personal need by hiding. The reason for this likely has nothing to do with you, but more to do with the feelings and insecurities called up by your situation.

Networking is essential to finding mid-career employment. You should definitely ask (not “confront”) your pals again. You might send a group email: “Hi, Guys — I’m still engaged in my job search and am looking for leads.”

Also, make sure to network outside this circle. Look for business networking events in your area. And if you don’t find a networking group, use social media to start one!