Letter: Political extremism doesn’t benefit country

From: Larry Shade


I am confident in voting for either a moderate Republican or a moderate Democrat. But, I cannot vote for extremism in either party. I have never seen this country so divided. A country cannot be governed properly from the extremes of either party. The government can only move forward when both sides agree to compromise. It is almost impossible to reach agreement when both sides start out so far from the middle.

I believe that Donald Trump is greatly damaging the Republican Party. His views, beliefs and values are so contrary to the past history of the party. He has moved some of their long-term standards 180 degrees. The leaders of the Republican Party have provided no resistance to this change. They have let the power of complete control of government take precedent over their ideals.

The country needs the balance of a strong Republican Party and a strong Democratic Party. But, that will not happen until both parties stop believing only they have the way forward for the country. Both sides need to remember why they have positions in the government in the first place — put the needs and issues of the country first.