Letter: Report finished, so Democrats need to move on

From: Terry Foote


The tell-all report has been released with a preliminary summary by Attorney General William Barr. It clearly states there is no evidence of any conspiracy between the Russians and the Trump campaign to include anyone remotely related to President Trump or his family.

The Democrats have been screaming for a year that the Mueller investigation must be protected from any interference whatsoever. Robert Mueller was supposed to issue information to impeach a duly elected President. After an exhaustive investigation, it was determined all the bluster was simply that, bluster. Like it or not, those are the results.

The president of the United States has been raked over the coals for over two years because a few hard-line socialist states were not able to ride roughshod over the American heartland. That’s a sad but true fact.

Given how all the information compiled by Mueller, the left-wing savior, didn’t go the way of those praising him for two years, he is now being made the socialist goat. Just look at all the Democrats who no longer believe Mueller. U.S. Reps. Adam Schiff, Eric Swalwell and Jerry Nadler, just to name a few, all say they have conclusive evidence to contradict Mueller. These Democrats have been preaching this trash since Mr. Trump was elected. Well, it’s time to put up or shut up. It’s over.

Congress is elected to legislate, not waste the American people’s time on their pure unadulterated vanity. They should get out from in front of the cameras and do their job. They are children stomping their feet and I, for one, believe they should resign their respective offices. They are simply in jobs well over their heads. Vanity is the largest problem of the current congressional Democrats. It’s over, so let’s move on and take care of this country.