Letter: President trying to fix country

From: Lowell Daffron


We read about the national news and watch the same on the TV and become frustrated and angry. Angry because we believe most of the news is fake or out and out lies. I would like to begin by writing about our president.

I have been around through many elections, but have never seen anything the likes of what is going on in our country today. I thought when President Trump was elected it was like a breath of fresh air. Just think, a non-politician being elected president with no obligations to any special interest groups. You know what I mean: you pat my back and I pat yours with money.

But instead of him being a president to run our country, he is forced to defend his every action. He is scrutinized and critiqued on his every decision and action. People like our very own Nancy Pelosi, who calls out president Donald trump instead of Mr. President. A woman who has been in the House of Representatives for more than three decades and is 79 years of age. Whew! Ostensibly, the only elderly person with a perpetual mind. Can we not believe a younger person might have some good ideas also?

I believe a president would really have to be tough skinned to take all the criticism he is taking on a daily basis. And all of these people who are criticizing him. Could I wonder who could cast the first stone? I presume the "left" people are all without sin. Just ask former President Clinton and his wife also. Two people who seem to be immune to justice.

Do we or not have la in our country that applies to everyone, or some kind of law that does not apply to all? Our problem with the influx of the people to the south that are crossing our border illegally, are not these people breaking our laws? And once these people are in our country, who takes care of them? I would presume we the taxpayers. People have to eat, be housed and get medical care, and this all costs.

Our president is trying to fix it, but that very powerful woman has a much different idea about border security that I think is weaker.

To close this letter, I would mention that I have heard our president say on many occasions that he loves this country. Now, can not be all bad, can he?