Cummins employee misses world record by 20 seconds

A Cummins employee who lent his legs to a special needs athlete on Saturday during the Mill Race Half-Marathon nearly broke the world record for the fastest time to complete a half-marathon while pushing a wheelchair.

On Saturday, Logan Worley, 34, of Indianapolis pushed 15-year-old Kendall Jade High, an athlete from Russiaville with cerebral palsy, in a specially designed wheelchair, turning in a time of 1 hour, 29 minutes and 58 seconds — just 20 seconds slower than the Guinness World Record set on Feb. 10 in the United Kingdom by Marcus Green and Phil Rossall, according to the Guinness World Records website.

Overall, Worley placed 23rd of all 1,472 runners in the half-marathon on Saturday, according to the official results.

Worley said the Mill Race Half-Marathon was the first trial run with High to attempt to break the record at next year’s 500 Festival Half-Marathon in Indianapolis, a record Worley said he hopes to “crush.”

“We were close,” Worley said. “I would have liked to have seen a little bit quicker time, but it was my first time pushing for the full distance. I’ve got some work to do.”

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