Reader has suggestions about referendum

From: Cary Hutchins


Here are some suggestions about the proposed operating referendum for Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp.

Put the school referendum on the November ballot. Only a tiny percentage of registered voters vote in the primary. A large number of strongly-motivated teachers and other school employees would easily distort the election results. Having the referendum on the primary ballot in May leaves the school board open to accusations of trying to put one over on the general public. A November school referendum would provide a more accurate and balanced reflection of public support.

Suggestion number two: The school system needs to convince the public that they are controlling administration costs. Why do we need all the highly-paid assistant superintendents? Does each elementary school need a principal, or could each principal cover more than one school? Lean central management is good management.

Suggestion number three: The tax increment financing system should be reformed to exclude money that would otherwise go to the school system. Something is out of balance when the city has excess TIF money while the school system is starved. TIF reform should be a part of the school referendum.

I’m in favor of well-paid teachers, but the BCSC school board needs to investigate other sources before asking for a tax increase.