‘American Pie’ rocks on(line)

Jerry Mihay plays guitar at the 2017 American Pie concert. Carla Clark

Rock ‘n’ roll will never die — at least in the form of the long-running, annual "American Pie" pop-rock concert that normally draws 1,000-plus fans to Judson Erne Auditorium in Columbus. The show which features local students and some community members as singers, plus a mix of the two in a backing band, had been canceled when classes were canceled for the year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But a seven-song, 30-minute version of the show is scheduled to hit YouTube late today, according to new organizer and longtime "American Pie" guitarist Jerry Mihay. The at-home performances were done via Zoom, featuring songs such as Neil Diamond’s "Sweet Caroline" and Arlo Guthrie’s "City of New Orleans."

An upcoming Republic story will include more details.