Downtown hotel-conference center plans may be delayed due to pandemic repercussions

COLUMBUS, Ind. — Plans to build a hotel/conference center and mixed-use multi-family urban grocer component in downtown Columbus are facing some potential changes and delays in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

City Redevelopment Director Heather Pope said Monday during a redevelopment commission meeting that while the city originally hoped that the two projects could begin construction simultaneously, it now looks like they will “take different paths.”

“We are working with Flaherty & Collins, who’s the developer of the mixed-use, multifamily, urban grocer component,” Pope said. “And they’re fine-tuning their numbers and going to re-review their proposal that they provided to us back in October and will make sure that everything still lines up and get that to us hopefully in the next couple weeks.”

On the other hand, Pope said that while Sprague Hotel Developers are “still very interested in the project,” the company is going to hold off on moving forward until the hospitality industry, which has faced challenges due to the pandemic, “starts revamping.”

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