Teachers unions seek transparency on COVID-19 task force metrics

COLUMBUS, Ind. — The presidents of the Columbus Educators Association and Flat Rock-Hawcreek Teachers Association released a joint statement Sunday night calling for more transparency from the local COVID-19 Community Task Force about how it will determine when local schools might have to move to virtual learning.

The teachers union leaders also asked that the public be notified when students or staff test positive for COVID-19 in both school corporations and to provide an evaluation as to how well the school corporations are adhering to reopening plans.

“Transparency is more important than ever,” said CEA President Amy London. “We know that the parents in this county are relying on timely, transparent information that allows them to make the best decision for their children.”
“That’s why we have created a petition demanding transparency from the COVID-19 Community Taskforce,” continued Flat Rock TA Co-Presidents Julia Swegman and Andrea Reed. “Everyone should know how these decisions are being made, to what extent COVID-19 is spreading in our school buildings, and how schools are keeping students and staff safe.”

The petition started by teachers can be signed online by visiting

On Friday, the task force announced that data about the spread of COVID-19 in Bartholomew County, including metrics beings used to determine of schools move to eLearning, would be managed by the task force and posted on its website at covid19communitytaskforce.org.

Updates are BCSC’s COVID-19 metrics are to be posted on the task force website, rather than being updated on the school corporation’s website.

Last week, BCSC officials said the current metrics show the school corporation in a “moderate” spread category, where in-school instruction is allowed. The school corporation’s policy calls for a move to eLearning when the metrics reach a “substantial” spread metric.

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