Letter: Voting for Joe Biden is immoral

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From: Bob Valek


The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops issued Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship earlier this year. This is not the Voter Guideline it has created in previous years, but is primarily a treatise on social justice. All but three of the 90 paragraphs load the reader with the noble cause of caring for physical, material needs of people.

Paragraph 33, however, states that: "Prudential judgment is also needed in applying moral principles to specific policy choices in areas such as armed conflict, housing, health care, immigration, and others. This does not mean that all choices are equally valid." Matters of prudential judgement are things for which various actions can be discussed and taken. Intrinsic evils are grave moral issues which must always be rejected.

Paragraph 34, which is often quoted, allows a person to vote for a candidate who promotes intrinsic evil providing the intention is not to support the evil.

Paragraph 35, however, is more specific that a vote for such a candidate can only be done if the other candidate also promotes an intrinsic evil.

The Democrat platform clearly promotes many horrendous intrinsic evils; of which abortion is the preeminent but NOT the only one, in addition to the failing policies on poverty and human rights. The Republican platform only has matters of prudential judgement.

How can any Catholic or any honorable person conclude a vote for Joe Biden is remotely moral? It is perhaps because, as Pope Benedict XVI Emeritus noted in his letter in April 2019, our Catholic Church suffers from a collapse of morality, denial of intrinsic evil and loss of reverence for the Holy Eucharist?

Pray fervently, especially the rosary. The gates of hell shall not prevail.

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