City close to an agreement on urban grocer development

COLUMBUS, Ind. — Columbus is close to reaching an agreement for its mixed-use multifamily urban grocer development, but that agreement has been slightly delayed due to some site concerns.

When the city had some soil borings done on the proposed site, some contamination was found where the former Bob’s Car Wash was formerly located, said Columbus Redevelopment Director Heather Pope.

“Prior to it being a car wash, it was a gas station. And so we’re having to do a little bit of mitigation work there, and then we’ll be ready to get that agreement signed,” she said.

Redevelopment officials have said the city and its developer, Flaherty & Collins, were close to an agreement and Pope said she expected the agreement to come before the redevelopment commission in mid-December. However, at the commission’s Dec. 21 meeting, Pope said she hopes to have it on the agenda at a special meeting between now and the board’s January meeting.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the multifamily urban grocer project and the city’s plans for a hotel conference center were split off into two separate projects.

Sprague Hotel Developers put the hotel conference center project on hold in July until the hospitality industry recovers from the impact of COVID-19 pandemic.

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