Around Town — Feb. 16

Orchids to…

Chuck E Cheese and staff for a fun way to celebrate three kids and one adult’s birthdays!

the two ladies who tracked down the smoke detector sounds in order to check on us, thank you so much, that was super kind.

all the law enforcement officers.

Greg Lewis for cleaning sidewalks.

Tucker and other students at St. Peter’s Lutheran School for the very thoughtful Valentine and bag of goodies, from a resident of Four Seasons Healthcare.

Paul McHone for shoveling at Turning Point.

the good people who are leaving the political party of lies and conspiracy theories.

brave police officers who saved dozens of lives from being lost in the Capitol.

Janet Lang for sharing your family Valentine’s poem and the delicious homemade goodies for Valentine’s Day, from Anne.

the person who delivers the paper to Pintail Court every morning for outstanding work, appreciated by all of us.

John Woods for snowblowing our entire neighborhood.

writing a column without blaming someone.

former President Trump for the speedy vaccine and the pro American policies he enacted for everyone.

Onions to…

to those who have directly or indirectly supported the violent overthrow of the U.S. government.

the former vice president for not standing up against the former president.

allowing the wanna-be dictator to get away with attempting to overthrow the government instead choosing to placate the white supremacist and QAnon radical base.

adult men and women who can’t convict a person who breaks our laws.

political party who has lost its way kowtowing to bigots, racists and conspiracy theorists.

food service that makes employees go to work in dangerous weather when school is closed to serve only a handful of lunches.

people who need financial incentives to be vaccinated, protecting yourself and others should be incentive enough.

people who lie about their occupation to get the vaccine.

grocery store shoppers not wearing masks, this isn’t over yet.

the individual bragging on social media about getting a COVID vaccine when they don’t meet eligibility requirements, when it could have gone to someone who is eligible.

the federal elected official who was rushed out of the Capitol with his brother, but remained loyal to the official who tried to harm his brother.

vaccine providers who do not make sure the person who is getting the vaccine is supposed to get one.

the state for not updating the national electrical code.

selfish people who lied to get vaccinated.

the snow plow driver who tore up 30 feet of chain link fence.

the letter to the editor in Saturday’s paper.

the federally elected officials who don’t have the backbone to stand up to their oath of office.

leaders choosing opportunity over morality as partisan reactions to deadly decisions.

the political party not realizing that with all the good people leaving the party, there won’t be enough left in the numbers of the bad to win anything.

the defense lawyer whose only strategy all week was to lie.

anyone describing the rising need for food assistance as “the new normal,” we have to be better than this.

the cowardly federal elected officials who, in a shameful display, didn’t have the moral strength to convict the former president.

those who failed their oath of office once again, to put politics above the good of the nation.

elected state lawmakers for diverting more than $173 million dollars meant for public education to private schools.

office mates who don’t wash their hair, smelling up the office.

the political party leader who condemned the former president as guilty while voting for his acquittal.

57 people who treated the U.S. Constitution like toilet paper.

the highway departments for not pre-treating the roads if there is no rain in the forecast before snow.

the term “conspiratorial theorist” because there is nothing theoretical about them and they should be called conspiratorial liars and con artists.

the political party that is continuing to chase their former leader.

members of the political party who bear some responsibility for proliferating the big lie that caused Capitol police officer deaths.

Happy Birthday to…

Ayah Carrigan, friends at Bethel Baptist Church.

Happy Belated Birthday to…

Jeff Hensley, love Mom and Dad.

ANOTHER beautiful morning