FEARLESS: CSA New Tech senior sends out a ‘promposal’ to Taylor Swift

In a “fearless” move, a Columbus teen has decided to ask Miss Americana herself to prom.

Columbus Signature Academy New Tech senior Jose Trinidad Noriega, 17, has created a promposal video for the one and only Taylor Swift in the hopes of landing the prom date of his wildest dreams.

In the video, entitled “Go To Prom With Me Taylor Swift- (Jose’s Version),” Jose dances, holds up promposal signs, and shows off his Swift merch. He said that a friend helped him make the video.

The teen sings his own lyrics to an instrumental of Swift’s classic “You Belong With Me,” inviting her to go with him to the Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp. prom next month and maybe also stop in for a latté at Lucabe Coffee Co.

The coffee shop is just one of the Columbus locations featured in the video. It also includes the Crump Theatre, Mill Race Park and the Donner Center, showing that Jose, like Swift, “knows places.”

Jose has shared the video on social media, contacted radio stations and has also been trying to get the word out to Swift’s management team via Twitter. The video has more than 900 views, so hopefully, this is “how you get the girl,” as Swift would say.

“I’d love her to at least see it,” he said.

Jose actually got the idea to make the video, in part, from his actual prom date, a Columbus North High School student. He’s also had the concept in his head since freshman year, as he’s seen other people make promposal videos for celebrities via YouTube.

Freshman year was when Jose really became a dedicated fan or “swiftie.” While he’d been listening to the singer since about when he was in pre-K, her music had a major impact on him in the ninth grade. His favorite Swift album, “reputation” dropped in 2017 and helped him through a difficult time.

The best part of her music, he said, is “the way she writes songs and how powerful her lyrics can be.”

“She has a song for everything,” he said, adding that Swift’s music is relatable and covers everything from heartbreak to high school.

His current favorite Swift song is “State of Grace” from the album “Red.” However, if he gets the chance to go to prom with her, that’s not what he’d pick for their song. And he’s not going for anything by Tim McGraw, either. No, Jose would like to dance with Swift to “You Belong With Me.”

With just a week to go until the BCSC prom, which is set for May 1, Swift had better speak now.

There may be even more complications to this promposal, however. BCSC prom rules state that students may bring guests who are out of high school if they are under 21. And while Swift might be feeling 22 (and sometimes 15), the star was born in 1989, according to media reports.

Final approval of guests is decided by deans and administrators, and all guests must be registered in the dean’s office. Jose’s hoping they might make an exception for someone with Swift’s reputation.

He also jokes in his video that he’ll have to ask the star’s boyfriend for permission to take her to the dance.

Hopefully, even if Swift says no, Jose will be able to shake it off and there won’t be any bad blood. After all, sometimes you have to jump, then fall.

And, if she says yes, he’ll be able to look back and say, “Today was a fairy tale.”

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Jose’s promposal video, entitled "Go To Prom With Me Taylor Swift- (Jose’s Version)" can be viewed on his YouTube Channel, José Trinidad by Jose.

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Bartholomew Consolidated School Corp. plans to hold a “modified prom” for its high school students May 1. Notable changes include capacity limits, a priority on senior attendance, a ban on slow dancing and a largely outdoor venue.

The school corporation announced its plans Tuesday. BCSC’s 2021 prom, which has the theme of “Enchanted Garden,” will be held from 8 to 11 p.m. at Northside Middle School. “After Prom,” on the other hand, is postponed to 2022.