Public Safety Family Fun Day returns July 13

An annual outreach event for local law enforcement officials is coming back after a pause in 2020.

Public Safety Family Fun Day is set for July 13 from 5 to 8 p.m. on the south side of FairOaks Mall, said Lt. Matt Harris, Columbus Police Department Spokesman.

“It’s just another opportunity that we’ve not been able to do due to COVID; as far as getting a chance for the public to interact again with the officers and firefighters that help keep the community safe,” he said. “So we’re very excited that we’re able to have the event in person again.”

The event provides a chance for community members to meet local police officers and firefighters and take a look at their vehicles and equipment. Harris said that the CPD has also reached out to community partners, such as Turning Point and Safe Kids Bartholomew County, about participating in the event.

He noted that while the CPD tries to do a couple of community outreach events each month, this particular gathering is one of the few times when the public can see specialty units, such as the SWAT team, or meet a K-9 officer that might not be at other events.

“We try to have as many of the tools that we use, that we can safely display, out where the public can see them,” he added. “This a chance for the public to ask questions about some of the tools that we use, whether it be a battering ram that the SWAT team has, or other equipment.”

Members of the public are also able to pick up items and learn more about them.

Harris said that the event provides a good opportunity for community members to learn more about law enforcement, as the CPD often gets queries about what is required to become a police officer and what background checks are done on recruits.

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