Around Town – July 10

July 10

Orchids to …

• the great team at Discount Tire for exceptional customer service, from a grateful dad.

• Caleb Loper for a perfect job on repairing the air conditioning, from the lady driving the 2003 Lincoln.

• John Krull and his on-the-spot column.

• Donald Trump for still telling the truth and exposing all the corruption in our current administration.

• all the Democrats alongside the few Republicans who are trying to save our democracy.

• the young angel that helped me locate and get to my car during the thunderstorm on Thursday.

• Robert, our dancing mailman, from all of us at Eighth and Cottage.

Onions to …

• the federal elected official without a backbone.

• the school leaders that took the easy way out on the mask issue.

• the school families that tell mask-wearing families to send their kids to BRIDGE learning.

• the school leaders for ignoring science when it comes to the safety of our schools.

• the organization that is letting one coach run everything and can’t even get his team out of a small class.

• the ex-federal elected official who is likely to pocket contributed money and not file a lawsuit.

• the 4 a.m. Harley rider that needs to go a bit easier on the throttle when people are sleeping.

• drug abuse programs asking for more money when they were closed most of 2020.

• the school corporation for not protecting our elementary-aged kids by requiring masks.

• the former federal elected official and the major political party weaponizing disinformation.

• people who want to poison children’s minds with Marxist propaganda.

• the business that stole my debit card information and charged $450 to it.

• the officials that are not taking the shoes down off the wires at Sixth and Pearl streets.

• our current administration for causing the gas to be almost twice the price it was a year ago.

• the federal elected official’s plan to rebuild all of South America as her solution to solving the disaster at the border.

• all the gas gougers.

• the black SUV that blatantly ran the light at 31 and Washington on Thursday afternoon.

Happy Birthday to …

• Arcy Wilson, from your family and Donna.

• Tina Boddie, from your family and Donna.

• Ellen Baker, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.