CUMMINS: Software launch to integrate with new tech

Cummins Inc. has said it plans to launch software features to integrate its powertrains with automated driving system technologies.

Additionally, Cummins, which is headquartered in Columbus, said it is “actively testing” more than 100 vehicles with companies that specialize in autonomous vehicle technologies.

However, Cummins did not specify when the software features are expected to be released or which companies it is working with.

“With our investment in and commitment to autonomous vehicle technologies, Cummins is prepared to support our customers by deploying autonomous vehicle technologies across the full range of powertrains, including advanced diesel, natural gas, hybrid or fully electric and hydrogen fuel cells,” said J. Michael Taylor, Cummins general manager of powertrain integration, in a statement.

Automated driving systems can perform varying levels of driving tasks, ranging from driver assistance, where the vehicle is driven by a human, but the vehicle has some driving-assist features, to fully automated, where the vehicle can drive itself under all conditions, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

“As the world’s largest independent engine manufacturer, autonomous vehicle companies are relying on Cummins’ integration expertise and powertrain solutions to design and provide a software solution to accelerate the rate of adoption of autonomous driving software within the heavy duty trucking industry,” Taylor said in a statement.