Around Town — Nov. 2

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Orchids to…

the local police for providing training to their officers on handling mental health emergencies.

all of the Halloween kids in Amberley Addition for their cute costumes, smiles, and “thank you’s”, from Connie and John.

Zaharako’s for graciously and efficiently serving 125 sixth graders and their chaperones, from Parkside Elementary.

Sonya Vallette for organizing a fun and educational Exhibit Columbus field trip! from the 6th grade team.

Community Church of Columbus emergency response team and Phil Miles for great leadership.

Dave Miller and all the volunteers that made Ghosts, Goblins, and Goodies in Hope a safe and enjoyable event.

the current administration restarting and rebuilding America.

Onions to…

Carr Hill Road drivers who think 30 mph is a recommendation and double yellow lines mean it is OK to pass.

this administration’s nominee for comptroller of the currency.

not realizing that 26 new body cameras still won’t show what’s going on in individual jail cells.

the federal elected official‘s visit with the pope — it was a joke.

the adults walking around the church’s Trunk or Treat wearing very distasteful costumes around children.

not realizing vaccine skeptics understand COVID-19’s toll, as well as the flu, pneumonia, smoking and alcohol, but there’s no mandate on my choices there.

schools that don’t post honor rolls for all to see.

advertising free puppies and kittens that could go to abusive people instead of taking them to an animal shelter.

the current administration for considering $450,000 per person to illegal immigrant families separated after illegally crossing the border.

whoever stole the ceramic orange pumpkin on my doorstep, the only Halloween decoration I had!

the doctor keeping patients waiting while she collects milk for personal family reasons.

the family that lets their dog bark all night keeping the neighbors awake.

being charged an additional $41 when calling in to pay taxes.

the political party that has shown us who they are since 2015 when the former federal elected official first came down the elevator.

those who simply cannot comprehend what critical race theory is.

Happy Birthday to…

Patrick Stroup, from Dad.

Jodie Wolter, from your family and Donna.

Fred Darling, from your church family.

ANOTHER beautiful morning