Around Town — Nov. 11

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Orchids to

veterans who fought and/or served for our freedom — thank you and God bless each one of you!

the young man on Lapwing Drive for raking leaves in our side yard. From your neighbor. Thank you.

Ally and Alaney Parker for their fantastic vocal at the Night of Remembrance at First Christian Church.

the Bartholomew County Public Library for the great veterans display, everything looks beautiful.

those praising standard time.

Mark and Jessie’s fireworks shop for opening for the Diwali holiday.

Christopher at Kroger for always being so helpful and having such a nice personality, from Loretta Pruitt.

President Joe Biden for his persistence to get the bipartisan infrastructure bill through, badly needed and much appreciated.

Onions to

those that comment on the new director but didn’t come to any of the 525 public review meetings and offer input.

the senior living facility for its disrespectful attitude toward its residents including the threat of a lawsuit by one of its nurses.

the pharmacy that gives wrong prescriptions, will not take them back, refund your money or give you the correct prescription.

the heating and air company that breaks your furnace and then claims it needs new parts and doesn’t even change the filter.

not knowing social welfare is not infrastructure and you can’t help the poor by making the rich poor too, that’s socializing.

this administration for destroying America and our freedoms, our bodies, our choices.

conservatives blaming liberals for anything at all.

those that feel that they are entitled to another’s vaccination status, it’s none of their business.

bureaucrats who answer serious questions about serious problems with either jokes or laughter.

raising all the grocery and gas prices and hurting Americans.

federal officials who should look before they leap.

former federal leader for constantly trying to hide his past bad behavior, must be guilty or why hide?

Happy Birthday to

Chuck Fox, from your church family, Julie, Eric, Tanja, Pat and Donna.

Velma Pruitt, from your family and Donna.

Judy Allman, from your family and Donna.

Noah Clark, from your family and Donna.

ANOTHER beautiful morning

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