Around Town — Nov. 16

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Orchids to

Shannon at Hobby Lobby for fixing the woman’s squeaky wheelchair! It took several attempts but he persisted until it was fixed, from Linda.

Alden at Menards for his outstanding customer service helping me with a shower door assembly and ceiling tile.

Bartholomew County Library for a wonderful veterans display and the heroes tree.

having plenty of turkeys available for a good price in this area after the news predicted a shortage and high prices.

RN’s Kim, Sarah, Allyson and staff for the outstanding care during my hospital stay, from Jim.

the public library staff, especially Lindsey in the children’s department, who helped out a nursing mother and awesome baby story times with Kate.

Woodrow Wilcox for the succinct and accurate letter.

CPD Officer Ben Quesenberry who went above and beyond for me on a cold, rainy night, you were so helpful and I appreciate that.

President Joe Biden for signing the infrastructure bill.

the climate deal reached among nearly 200 countries.

Diana and Bob Fear and helpers for the delicious turkey dinner Sunday at the East Columbus United Methodist Church, from the grateful congregation.

Onions to

liberals who think all Republicans are far right racists and conservatives who think all Democrats are far left socialists.

the cult-like obsession about the vaccine when no one ever worried if I got a flu or pneumonia shot before.

public support of printing, selling and refinancing municipal bonds for the portfolios of a small circle of local wannabe philanthropists.

the team with a coach modeling bad sportsmanship.

the present weakness of the United States shown on the world stage.

the elected official for making illegal campaign funding violations and for blindly following the political party and its former leader.

people who are making vaccines political.

the local official and political party more interested in raising a campaign war chest than helping local veterans.

the radio station canceling my Yacht Rock on Sundays for Christmas music — AAAGGGGGGGGH!!!

health officials that need to relearn what the word “effective” means.

the current administration for considering shutting down another gas pipeline in Michigan.

near-miss multiple accidents last Tuesday afternoon at the intersection of U.S. 31 and County Road 900N.

the local schools that have not posted the first nine weeks honor rolls.

the 40 vehicles that failed to stop at the stop sign in Northbrook over the weekend.

Happy Birthday to

Jan Burns, from your family and Donna.

Josh Conrad, from Debi Ayers.

Stacy Collins, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Jack Dunn on No. 70, love your kids and grandkids.

Happy Belated Birthday to

Autumn Bowen, love your mom.

Happy Anniversary to

Jerry and Martha Grinstead on No. 57, love Jerry.

ANOTHER beautiful morning

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