Around Town — Nov. 24

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Orchids to

American Legion Auxiliary Post 24 for the chocolate treats to celebrate Education Week! Thank you, from Richards Elementary staff members.

Mark at Loesch Heating and Air for the fast, efficient and great service on our furnace, from grateful customers.

Marty Hirons at the Bartholomew County Public Library for fixing my library card issue.

Mt. Olive UMC, New Zion UMC, and North Salem UMC for the warm welcome on Sunday; we are thankful to be your pastors, from Pastors Alan and Jodi Sladek.

the lady Tuesday morning at McDonald’s who paid for my breakfast; it was really a nice treat that I will pay forward.

Virginia at CRH for her wonderful care of my sister and her kindness and professionalism.

Leah at CRH for her extreme hard work and trying her best to problem solve and work for the best outcome of care for my sister, many thanks for her professional hard work.

Heath and Sheri and Amy at Edward Jones office for the Thanksgiving goodies, from Marty Fleetwood.

Onions to

the federal elected official for saying that he is angry that an innocent person was found innocent in a court of law by a jury of his peers.

the man at the sleep clinic talking so loudly on a personal call that people could not hear to check in.

the representative who voted against censure, remains in lockstep with the prior administration and continues to stymie progress in every way possible.

the city with an $18 million public living room sitting empty, a $35 million overpass where I still hear train horns and a $35 million abandoned mall project.

thinking fleeing down Main Street in an SUV, killing and injuring unarmed people participating in a community parade, is acceptable behavior in a civilized nation.

gas prices in Franklin for being about 30 cents lower than Columbus.

the federal elected official for canceling gas pipelines, but now accesses the reserves, (should be just for emergencies) — brilliant!

the assisted living facility for the poor quality of food.

thinking it’s OK for protesters to destroy other people’s property and then somebody not getting shot over it.

the former leader for telling gullible people to commit seditious acts on Jan. 6 and they are the ones who pay.

cars that failed to stop at the stop sign.

Happy Birthday to

Lindsey Reagan, from your family and neighbors.

Kris Whipker, from your family and Donna.

Joan Allman, from her two sisters Alice and Emily.

Joan Allman, from everyone in the family.

Jenny on No. 75, from Forest, Mama, and Bubba.

Happy Belated Birthday to

Keegan Fox on No. 25, love your family: Mom, Dad, Grayson, Jackson, Lila.

ANOTHER beautiful morning

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