Around Town — Nov. 25

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Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Nov. 25

Orchids to

Baker’s Fine Gifts and Accessories for the fantastic door prize from its holiday open house, from Kathy.

the owners and crew at Voelz Body Shop, your expertise and kindness were very much appreciated.

Special Judge Joe Meek for ruling to keep the hit and run defendant in Bartholomew County.

the city of Columbus leaf pick-up crews, thank you for the good work!

Ahlemeyer Farms Bakery, employees and customers, for wearing masks during the rush of pie pickup, and for the wonderful pecan pie that I didn’t need to bake.

the Republic for publishing the editorial on the animal care county ordinances.

Neal Tire and Auto Service for their kindness to a senior citizen.

Robert Hutson and family for the very thoughtful gift, from Doug.

the person who bought dinner for us at Johnny Carino’s, what a pleasant surprise.

Onions to

not realizing no one is immune from violence, period, no matter if it’s with a gun or SUV.

people who pretend to know flag etiquette.

anyone looking forward to day after day of endless Thanksgiving leftovers.

whoever designed the new roundabouts on the road project.

the countless people that either don’t understand or just ignore the new roundabout.

anyone who thinks the canceled pipeline would have brought fuel here.

the federally elected leader, for tapping our strategic oil reserves, rather than reopening the pipelines he closed.

unacceptable late mail delivery in the evening.

those complaining about parents being separated from their children but still agree with abortion.

bad energy policies that caused us to tap into our strategic oil reserves.

whining and complaining about the previous administration.

Happy Birthday to

Steve Fushelberger, from your family and friends.

Rebecca Kirsch, from your family and Donna.

Mary Jo Combs, from your family and Donna.

Patti Hauck, from your family and Donna.

Harold Pruitt, from friends at Bethel Baptist Church.

Harold Pruitt on No. 96, still going strong! from children, grandchildren, and friends.

Ron Greathouse, from all your family and friends with love!

Amber Kelley, from Darrell and Phyllis.

Happy Anniversary to

Sherry and John Woods on No. 61, from Kay and Larry.