Around Town — Nov. 30

Editor’s Note: Submissions to Around Town are opinions submitted anonymously by readers, not factual representations, and do not reflect the viewpoints of The Republic or its staff.

Orchids to

Lisa and Debbie at Sandcrest Family Medicine for their care and concern on Wednesday and their help with an embarrassing situation, from a grateful patient.

Best One Tire for all your help, you guys are lifesavers! from the lady in the older gray Camry with the flat tire.

Lisa Hill for being the best patient advocate ever!

the federal elected officials who are in Washington to govern and improve our lives instead of disrupting and impeding progress.

Cassidy at Fifth Third Bank for all your help with my banking problem.

Sheriff Matt Myers, an awesome sheriff and an awesome father, God bless you, from Sharon Phillips.

Shelby of Thrive Alliance for being so helpful and pleasant in getting us an appointment for our vaccine boosters.

Bridgid, a great neighbor, for mowing and collecting leaves in our neighborhood all summer long.

the gentleman who paid for my breakfast on Monday at the McDonald’s drive-thru, greatly appreciated.

schools that don’t teach CRT but do teach ignoring skin color and respecting others.

Onions to

those who dumped their trash at the gate of the Petersville convenience station last Saturday.

failing to mention those abusing drugs should never be confused with patients who take medication to control severe pain.

people who write in library books!

the token effort to bring down gas prices that will last three days at best by tapping our strategic petroleum reserves.

the elected official who can give pizza but will not enact policy to truly and permanently help those in need.

the columnist falsely stating “CRT is not being taught in high schools in the United States.”

the federal elected official who is going to give billions of dollars that we don’t have to vaccine drug makers to increase production to share with other countries.

the open border with illegal drugs pouring in to the U.S. causing more than 100,000 overdose deaths in one year.

the church that forgot Thanksgiving dinner.

those that think their religious beliefs should be taught in public schools and not atheism.

Happy Birthday to

Sarah Manci, from Joseph Hart Chapter DAR.

Jeremy Todd, from Mom, Mark, Mia and Bryn.

Tannor Lockridge on No. 4, love Mommy, Daddy, Haleigh, Aunt Taryn, Uncle Eddie, Eayon, Sydney, Grammy and Granddad.

Jennifer McKinsey, from family and animals.