Around Town — Dec. 4

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Orchids to

the new handicap review committee that is going to make golf fair, balanced and fun again.

Ron Bridgewater and Mike Gillespie for your touching words for Guy, you were so special to him, lots of love from the Hudson family.

President Biden for a calm, reassuring approach to addressing the new virus variant.

Viewpoint Bookstore ladies for your expert guidance in choosing the appropriate books for my granddaughters and wrapping them, from a grateful grandma.

the Jan. 6 committee’s determination to uncover the truth about the insurrection while the former leader is frantically doing all he can to stifle it.

the man from Bishopp’s for helping me when my husband fell, it was very much appreciated.

Overhead Door of Columbus for the great responsive service to get our door up so we could get to the airport for a Thanksgiving visit and then to repair it this week.

AJ at Lowe’s for taking that extra step to find what I needed, from Laura.

Rep. Greg Pence for voting “no” to protect Hoosiers from billions of dollars of needless infrastructure spending.

Onions to

the former federal elected official for attending a debate and two rallies after testing positive for COVID-19.

those who think what they don’t know won’t hurt them.

the local official for co-authoring the bill to end the state’s emergency status in regards to the pandemic and to prevent mandatory vaccinations.

not understanding that cheap available testing kits aren’t available like aspirin in the U.S. because it’s not about your health, it’s about money.

yelling at the seventh grade basketball team from something that a wrestler did during school, be a better role model like you expect from them!

owners of a tan and white pit bull that aggressively chased a cyclist on Cessna Drive on Thursday.

the former “tough guy” who couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag.

the unvaccinated allowing the virus to mutate and increase vaccine resistance and then complain that we’re still dealing with it.

understanding if the city spent as much on local streets as the People Trails, we’d have the nicest streets in the nation.

the new TIF covering the mall boondoggle, what we need is a TIF for the schools and police so we don’t have to raise taxes.

another brilliant decision allowing men to compete as women.

the correction offices for not letting someone on house arrest go get their booster shot.

insurance companies continuing to call you even though you’ve told them you’ve already signed up for the insurance that you wanted.

the politician refusing an amendment which would restrict importation of goods made by slaves.

not having local groups to organize and supply funds to Wounded Warrior families and homeless veterans.

Happy Birthday to

Betty Whittington, from friends at Bethel Baptist Church.

Jordan Turner, from Pastor Marvin Brown and Trinity Baptist Church.

ANOTHER beautiful morning

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