Tests planned to confirm identity of body found in wooded area

Detectives from the Columbus Police Department are investigating the discovery of a deceased man found in a heavily wooded area in Everroad Park West.

Police confirmed that the body was found in an area that is not normally accessible to the public. Detectives are working to identify the individual and determine what happened.

Lt. Matt Harris, Columbus Police Department spokesman, said the body appeared to have been in the wooded area for some time.

Bartholomew County Coroner Clayton Nolting said the coroner’s office is having a full forensic skeletal survey done on the body at the University of Indianapolis and is having DNA testing done as well to have confirmation of the identity of the individual.

The DNA testing will be done by the Indiana State Police Crime Lab, Nolting said.

Identification was found in the man’s clothing, but Nolting said the additional testing is necessary to confirm without doubt the man’s identity. The skeletal analysis is expected to take a few days, he said.