Around Town — Dec. 11

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Orchids to

the gentleman who helped start my car at Target, proving there are still caring people in this world today! from the lady in the gray SUV.

Ana Gasteyer and the Columbus Philharmonic for such an amazing performance.

Ana Gasteyer for sharing her razor-sharp wit and prodigious talent at the Cabaret.

Columbus Panera for excellent service by the catering staff in preparing delicious box lunches on time, and loading them into our truck.

the Panera staff for their hard work and politeness, thank you! from the Shakespeare Club.

the Wisconsin conservative group announcing after its 10 month investigation that no evidence of widespread fraud was found in the 2020 election.

the Biden administration for getting an infrastructure package through, obtaining the lowest unemployment in ages, the highest stock market ever and ending corruption.

President Biden for presiding over the fastest economic recovery in history.

Adam in the circulation department who walked me through the steps so I can get my paper online, from Pam.

Liz Chaney and the Jan. 6 committee investigating the truth.

Paul Hart at The Republic for getting information for me, it was very appreciated, from Julie.

Deb Sloane and the ladies who arranged our luncheon at Zaharako’s, it was very nice.

Chris and Cathy at Lowe’s for their service to a customer with a complicated purchase.

Onions to

the downfall of the political party that has turned into nothing but a chaos cult.

those claiming the previous administration accomplished anything except nearly running our democracy into the ground and angering our allies.

oblivious audience members arriving late to an event and insisting on pushing through to their seats rather than waiting for a break in the performance.

people who really need to ask themselves if masks and vaccines work then why aren’t masks and vaccines working?

not realizing we were far better off with $1.79 a gallon gas and some mean tweets.

supporters of the former leader, who like a 2-year-old, is throwing a fit because he can’t accept losing fair and square.

the unvaccinated who are the biggest impediment to ending the pandemic.

those in the political party who were complicit in the Jan. 6 insurrection.

the official’s PowerPoint Plan to overturn election results, proving sedition.

Happy Birthday to

Abby Martin, from your family.

ANOTHER beautiful morning

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